Doctor Who

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The Delia Derbyshire production of the Doctor Who theme marked a significant milestone in the nascent field of electronic music (read about the history of the theme at Mark Ayres' website). This site was created in 2003 (for the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who) to pay tribute to that milestone by providing a forum for the sharing of freely distributable amateur (ie, non-commissioned and non-profit; pros are welcome!) remixes, electronic or acoustic, faithful or pisstakes, of Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire's influential and timeless theme.

Would-be remixers are invited to submit their mixes. More information can be found on the submissions page.

Feedback, criticism and suggestions about the site are gratefully received in the guestbook or at Many thanks to all the contributors to the project (both musicians and listeners who leave feedback) so far, with special thanks to co-administrators Peter O'Rourke (aka Marinedalek) administrator of Incidental Who and Danny Stewart of


Aside from remixes' natural derivation from the original theme, this website is in no way associated with Ron Grainer, the composer of the Doctor Who theme, or the BBC. The remixes are provided as-is, with no warantees expressed or implied by, and are, naturally, free of charge/free of profit/free of intent to infringe on the BBC's (or anyone else's) copyrights.