Would-be remixers are invited to encode their remixes as mp3s (preferrably between 192kbps and 320 kbps) and email them to whomix [at] windbubbles . net for inclusion on this site. You also might want to contact if you are wondering what the status of your submission is. Processing of submissions may unfortunately take a while, so please be patient and/or contact us again if things seem to be stalled.

Note that no remix will be included unless it is submitted by its creator or with its creator's expressed permission.

Do submissions get rejected?

There's a great variety of polish and musical ability demonstrated by the mixes on whomix. The aim of the site is not to highlight only the most talented or accomplished remixes. Neither is the purpose of whomix to host any music that has even the most passing relationship to the Doctor Who theme.

There are no hard-fast rules for whomix, but for the most part a submission will be posted so long as it offers something new -- musically -- in its interpretation of the theme. As such, any submission wherein the theme has been arranged from scratch by the artist, or involves significant mashing up and mixing with thematic elements from other songs, is likely to be posted. On the other hand, submissions which include extensive voice samples from the series or concentrate on mixing between existing recordings (e.g. Derbyshire -> Howell -> Glynn, ...) are quite unlikely to be accepted unless they are absolutely groundbreaking. Which would be difficult given the quality of Nick's Regeneration series. No slight is intended against such remixes, but given that whomix is a sort of tribute to Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire/Peter Howell/et al, the focus such as it is will remain on musical invention, interpretation and fun.

Remixes that are obviously incomplete (e.g., end abrubtly in a bad way) are also unlikely to be included.

A note on redistribution rights

Whomix exists in a bit of a grey area, the full greyness of which I have not the patience to explore. Ideally I would like to demand that all tracks be CC licensed -- meaning there would be no ambiguity allowing a submitter to later decide, or be pressured by third parties to say, "oh, actually, that's not for free redistribution anymore" -- but I do not think this option is available. So I must satisfy myself with asking submitters to act honourably in their submissions and express their agreement that the hosting arrangement on whomix be indefinite, insofar as remixes will be freely redistributed, without profit.