Betafaithful (Build 40)

Remixed by Mutagene
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This is a complete re-do of the Betafaithful that's been on the site for a while. I was pretty unhappy with the last mix, but too discouraged to re-record it for the longest time. With a working computer and a bit of motivation, I extended the mix to a more respectable length, redid the bassline and re-recorded the hisses and whatnot to cover a wider spectrum.

Previous mixes are here:
Beta2faithful - 40th Anniversary and all, I thought I'd so a more faithful remix of the original opening theme. This mp3 has been redone (2003/11/29). The old version (uploaded 2003/11/23) can be found here.

Details for anyone interested, here's the kit list:
  • Morpheus (melody)
  • Yamaha A3K (melody, distorted koto/bassline)
  • Absynth (melody)
  • PlasticZ (bassline)
  • Oddity (bassline)
  • Kontakt (filtered noise)
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