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Undisclosed, my latest and last remix of the Doctor Who theme, showcases most of my works on the theme but is not merely a 'best of'. Taking more than a bit of inspiration from the Doctor Who Confidential mix of the theme tune, this is Oddsprite does confidential techno (sort of), but this goes partway to explain my choice of title for this mix.

This mix uses most of the sound bank I created for my Counterfeit and Cold Blood Remixes, the classical elements from my Epic mix and some new ambient synth voices to add depth to the proceedings. The famous who voice is actually a very distorted flute noise with added transition delay to get the sweep. The second phrase is heavily vocoded as with my cold blood mix. The bridge uses a vari effect on my synthesiser called solarise with a slight ring modulation to get the howellesque feel to it, complete with pitch bending. The bassline is made up from two parts, the main bass (which is actually rather heavy, I hope this doesn't damage any speakers!) and a throbbing softer bassline which adds the throbbing quality to the main bass, although is strong enough to stand out on its own.

The drumline is a simple 4/4 and 8/4 beat to keep tempo and add a bit of beat to the proceedings. The elements from my Epic mix that have been used are the brass and string sections and what was originally a string arpeggio has gone synth and been 'hard-timed' to the bassline. Finally some other sweeping, melodic synth pads have been added to give the piece some feeling. This is a long mix at 6 mins 8 secs but I feel the fact it has so many elements, and the fact it's my last mix (for a few years at least) justifies the length. It may become apparant that I've tried to do something different with this mix and I feel I have done so. Feedback, praise, and constructive criticism warmly recieved.
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