Howell Tribute

Remixed by Allan Spears
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Due to the really nice comments I got from people about my awful Poor Man's mix, I decided that I'd have a go at doing a new mix with some half-way decent tools. I'm pleased with the result and hope you will be as well!

I've named it Howell Tribute because of the various elements I've tried to emulate from the Howell version (my favorite). There are no samples in this mix from any of the official themes and many of the synths I had to generate from scratch because the stock tools that I had to work with just didn't sound 'thick' or 'deep' enough. One of the big parts of this mix is the 'heartbeat'. One of the best elements of the Howell theme is the 'thu-thump'ing beat at the beginning of each bar. It really helps drive the music. It gets a bit lost in my mix at times, but you can hear it well during the bridge section where I think it's needed most.
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