Industrial Cyberdisco Remix

Remixed by Anthony Perry
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I think the best way to listen to this one is to imagine the TARDIS
materialising in a huge ‘abandonded’ space freighter as a squad of
Cybermen come marching around the corner in time with the beat.

Got it?

OK, now imagine that instead of being in the freighter, they’re in a
disco with some nice rope and strobe lights reflecting off their shiny
heads making them look like psychotic glitterballs. And instead of
marching in time with the beat they’re actually doing some really crap
80’s robotic synchronised dancing. Ooh yeah, get down and cyberboogie…

There’s even a nice ‘chill out’ section in the middle where they can
sneak off to the toilets for a crafty squirt of WD40!

Must be from the McCoy era, they’d have probably tried a story like
that! Worse still, I probably would have enjoyed it ;-)

Hope you enjoy the mix!


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