Round Our Keff

Remixed by Marinedalek
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I thought I’d got out of the habit of making a whole remix in one evening but obviously I was wrong… Also you know you’ve sent too many mixes to whomix when you start subconsciously justifying every minor techical detail in preparation for this writeup! First off I must apologize to anyone who detests Keff McCulloch’s theme – this remix may affect your sensibilities.

I’ve been wanting to do a remix of this theme for a while so far, and for some reason or another I’d get as far as a few notes of the bassline and some melody and give up. However, this was not one of those times.
In producing this mix I used only three samples – one of the opening “hiss” taken from a documentary on Tv Ark, a pitch-lowered sample of a Delia Derbyshire “wind” effect to lead into the b-section and a processed TARDIS effect. The rest was made (again) using Arturia’s CS-80v. First off I sequenced the bassline using Sibelius to write the MIDI file and Acid to record the CS-80v’s output. The melody sections were all perfomed “live” and mixed together in Sound Forge. I feel the melody sections could have been better, but I’m quite pleased with the intro, bassline and the overall effect of the b-section.


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