Quacky and Bizzare Version 2

Remixed by Rat Souffle
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Ok, well this new remix is called Quacky and Bizzare V. 2
and allthough it may not sound much like the original, it
is created in the same way, with the same plugins(Model-E, Muon Tau, Neon, JX16 etc)
and rusty ol’ Cubasis. It is longer, the bass has been improved, andit has a spread
effect added to it dynamicly over the Left and Right audio channels. The melody is
just asbasic, exept it is less … basic. The othermain feature hereis sound
effects, which I created myself with a Light Synthesiser that I coded and I haven’t
been able to
find anything to do with, so this was an ideal task. If
you want any sfx made for remixes or something,
then just leave a post on this page. I won’t
be able to reply though as i am going away at Xmas.

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