Time Turbulence

Remixed by Allan Spears
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Well, I had another go despite better sense and came up with this. I’ve named it
Time Turbulence because of the scratchy, hissy, and altogether messy tones that come
out of the mix. Things I like about it: The bassline sounds sort of Howell like but
not quiet. I managed to get the melody synth to sound quite a bit like Derbyshire’s
in its un-altered state (and then I ruined it in the actual mix). Things I don’t
like about it: The distortion on the sound that came out of the mix. I wish it was
clearer. I don’t like the background sounds and some of the sting synths. They show
my amature status more than the rest of it. Other than that, I think it has good
pace. I included the little change to the bassline that comes after the bridge
section that was done on the Christmas Invasion end credits theme. I liked that
change. Anyway. Here it is. I think this is it for me for a while.



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