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My name's Jordn, and I love the Whomix site. I actually leave comments (I'm Cyvros - the one who scores things out of 13 for no readily apparent reason). I thought I'd submit my first proper Doctor Who theme remix. Here are the remix comments for the website:

I'm not exactly sure why I called it "Tymelit". I think one of the synthesised tracks I used was called "Starlight" (basically a MIDI sent through a sparkly VST synth) and then another version was called "Timelight". I went a bit silly from there. I can't remember everything I did because bits of this theme have been getting stale on my computer since about 2003.

For starters, you may notice that I made it as loud as possible without buggering up the sound. You may also notice that I haven't quite edited it properly (ending up in little pops here and there). Basically, I started off with the original mono Derbyshire theme and did a lot of stereo echoing and bass filtering. I then found my copy of the 1967 theme and did some filtering so that I could get a couple of spangles.

A while back, I'd been fiddling about with some VST synths and MIDIs. I have heaps of different versions of bass lines and melodies done with the MIDIs and the synths. I used a few of those when mixing the remix. I'd also found a VST plugin called TickyClav which had a preset that, with some fiddling, sounded like a Synthi-100 Delaware. The TickyClav bits are quite noticeable during the melody.

Some of the effects come from the stereo mix of the original Derbyshire version from a couple of years back, just filtered out. I did some emphasis on the bass and added a lot of variants of the 1970s 'scream-in' to the front (part of the 'scream-in' is used during the entrance of the melody). I also made a weird remix of Brian Hodgson's TARDIS sound effect and mixed that over the bass-line near the middle of the theme.

And that's basically it. I'll probably remember why I chose the name "Tymelit" in a few months time.
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