Trial of a Timerat

Remixed by Rat Souffle
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This was recorded live on the inbuilt recorder on my cheap Yamaha PSR-290 keyboard, with no added effects and nothing else added on whatsoever. This was a bit of a quick project as I am mainly working on a Howell remix, as you probably know.

Also, I have had a load of problems with this remix. First I did the remix, I send it in to whomix and outlook tells me it was not delivered, so I do it again, and again and disconnect my feeble 56K modem wondering whether it has sent or not. Then, it is sent back to me with a note saying there is too much distortion in the track, and could I re-ecord it perhaps?

Well, no. You see my awful (but beloved) Yamaha PSR-290 has this thing that it does JUST TO ANNOY ME by corrupting everything in the flash memory for no apparent reason. SO I had to re-do THE WHOLE TRACK FROM SCRATCH! So I do that, (It takes me an unspecified long ammount of time to remember the exact settings) and I am all ready to record into my PC with Wavelab. I do this and first it comes out COMPLETELY SILENT. So I do it again, after tweaking the volume levels, and It records fine. When I look at the waveform, it looks fine enough. I play it...

AAAA! AWFUL! The pitch and the speed are increased, and there is an awful loud buzzing noise like a Dalek being slowly melted, as there is a loud click EVERY 14 MILLISECONDS! SO I realise that Wavelab must be completely "dodged-up" so I open SOUND RECORER and try to record it on there. Sucess! No awful buzzing noise or anything but the quality is less than good and the bass is really loud and distorted WHICH COMPLETELY DEFEATS THE POINT OF ME RE-RECORDING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I try and think what other audio capture programs I have, so I use Roxio Digital Media Creator Deluxe Sound Capture (which is an awful application, just a window with one large "record" button) and try to record it that way... but it comes out just like the sound recorder one.

So I decide to use that one, and I correct the EQ using Wavelab. Sadly, as a result the bass doesn't sound like it should do, as you loose some of the "top end" (The clicking on the front of the bass that makes it sound like as synth slapped-bass.)

So then I take the first couple of milliseconds off the front of the left track of the recording (To give it more of a pseudo-stereo feeling to it), add a bit of a chorus and "half-crossfade-in" an altered version of the opening melody of the original Glynn theme (as there is no portamento on the PSR-290).

All I can say is that I hope I didn't bore you and I hope that you are reading this because it means that the email has got here!
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