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After playing around with some backing ideas for the Howell mix some time ago I realised that to create an original fusion of the howell mix and gold undertones properly I'd have to do a fairly convincing job of re-creating the Howell sounds. At the time my synth programming skils weren't quite up the task, however after spending some time fiddling I managed to get some good soundsets out of my Korg. As such all the synth sounds here are MS2000B synthesised, classical instrumentsprovided by the Yamaha CS1x.
Most of the mix is self explanitory, apart from the vocoder section. This took some time to perfect, but was well worth the effort! All 16 bands have been levelled and stereo adjusted to give a full stereo sound. The beginning and end stings are obviously sampled and filtered.
Some may want to argue that the use of the howell opening sting as an end of episode scream is a bad idea (this is the long version, opening and closing titles versions have been created for Season 2 of Time Tunnel Productions audio adventures). But I beg to differ, it sounds great.
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