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OK, I've picked this up and put it down again a dozen times - just wasn't sure how it would be received I guess, but in the end decided it was in the spirit of a different take on the Who Theme. So armed with my Tower Of Power sample CD, some James Brown samples and an idea for the bass-line I set out to create a kind-of-funky-spooky, seventies thing. The title is 'Scooby Who' (it's OK, there's no dog samples in it) - it was either that or 'Starsky & Who?' : )

Quite a bit different from my previous attempts - 'lushed' up the harmonies a bit and played around with some improvisations for the main theme. I think I got a better quality master this time too - invested in some new cables and some mastering software. The style is erm.. Shakatak/Tomita/Tower Of Power-ish.

Anyways.. let's set the scene : The TARDIS grinds into appearance and the Doc and Rose step out. The music starts and they have to shade their eyes from stray reflections from the mirror-ball in the centre of the room. But wait - what's this? On the stage.are they Cybermen!? No. dudes in silver catsuits with legs that flare out to about 2 feet at the bottom. FAR OUT! ...Did I just say dudes??! Aarrghh.
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