Exiles in 4D

Remixed by JeX
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This is my 5th submission to Whomix and is entitled “Exiles In 4D – 1963”. I
decided with this mix to try to combine an underlying orchestral feel
(particularly choir, strings & timps) with a more electronic soundset. The
bass whilst not ‘authentic’ sounding is based on the 2 stage bass voice in
the original theme (i.e. the deep raspy tone followed by the springy bit –
if that makes any sense!?)

I also decided not to use any of the original effect samples (such as
TARDIS, dalek, scream, sonic screwdriver etc), but instead snipped up some
vocal samples of the 1st doctor from the 1st episode back in 1963 from the
BBC website- unfortunaly they were a bit noisey (background hum and hiss)
but I managed to clean them up and cover most of the hum with a similar
sounding instrument in the mix. Also lowered the pitch of his voice slightly
to make him sound a bt more menacing.

Anyways.. wind up the volume and have a listen – let me know what you think.

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