Mr Dalek's Night Before Christmas

Remixed by Tony Gallichan
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hello all...a quick explanation before you listen to this, or indeed, comment, lol...Firstly, its the second sequal to the Mr Dalek story I offered here last year - the first sequal was about a trip to Rome which, face facts, isn't that Christmassy, lol. Secondly, and this is quite important to me, when I was recording the narration and post producing it, I had the God of all sinus infections. You'll be able to tell cos I sound very stuffy nosed. It hit my hearing a little also, so the levels aren't quite right as Im sure you'll hear. It's written by Karen Dunn, same as last time around, except this time its more like Dr Seuss, or something, lol. The music is Mr Dalek's Xmas Bad Wolf that I plopped up here last year- its still on the site if you want to hear it - and again, my thanks to Danny and Ian Stewart as well as Hardwire. This year's Mr Dalek story will be on Staggering by Christmas and again, its a bit different.....

And incidently, a very happy Doctor Who fan cliche to all of you at home...
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