An Eigth Regeneration

Remixed by Eaglestriker
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I started making this around a year ago, and left it abandoned after only making a few bars. After the Christmas, I felt a sudden urge to finish it. In short, it is music how I'd imagine would be played after the end of the Time War / leading up to PM's regeneration into CE. It is interlaced with the Doctor Who theme (a mix of the Paul McGann movie theme and the current theme). The whole piece is (deliberately) in the same sort of style as that of Murray Gold's. The introduction (Daleks boarding a Spaceship and Exterminating) was inspired by an episode I remember with Peter Davison, (Resurrection of the Daleks?) which I saw on VHS six years ago. I created the music using MIDI Connections on my PC, then playing it through my Yamaha PSR-1500 back through to the computer.

I hope you like it! This music describes how I envisage the end of the Time War, and then of the Eighth Doctor.
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