Crunchy Who

Remixed by Jesus H. Presley
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This is a re-send and a remix from a month or so ago with somewhat better drumming. JHP is my nom de plume for anything I do with guitars on it (as opposed to coding or video editing). Basically, it's ended up sounding like Ramones vs. Deep Purple, the Ramones on backing track and Jon Lord on melody line - what more can I say? Consists of palm mute guitars courtesy of my Cort MGM-1, my trusty Drumkit from Hell, with ES2 on bass and Logic Pro's Hammond B3 emulator because the melody line didn't sound interesting enough on guitar. And I need new strings. Largely inspired by an article I read online about the making of 'Doctorin the Tardis', where during the recording process the KLF discovered that only a triplet feel worked, and suddenly glitter beat was the only set of samples that would accompany the original recording. So I thought - sod the triplet feel, straight 4/4 - what's it going to sound like? The answer according to my wife is 'extremely dull, but at least it's short...'

--- Original ---
Here's one for your 'pleasure' - sort of Ramones meets Deep Purple - sort of ... anyway, only 2 minutes 7 secs so no time to get annoyed by it until it's over. The drumming needs more work, but this will do for now!
Recorded using a Cort MGM-1 guitar, Logic Pro, the Drumkit From Hell and an iBook G4.

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