Jah Humphreys Dr Who Dub Explosion -. Nix Delia rmx

Remixed by S.A.S.C. vs. Nil Brooks
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I hope I will be forgiven for taking a liberty with my two all time favourite versions of the Doctor Who Theme. The brilliant live dub version by Smerins Anti-Social

Club combines two of my lifelong passions - Doc & Dub! The superb and in my opinion unequalled version of Ron Grainer's composition produced by Delia Darbyshire (the original theme from 1963) is the archetype of Who themes. Mixing the two together was a challenge. I used the splendid freeware audio mixer/editor called Audacity, available from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. The dub version is played live and the band is exceptionally tight and professional so the tempo is almost perfect, but there are very slight variations. The Delia version, having been produced by cutting and pasting tape samples, has some pronounced tempo variations. It is also in a completely different key and tempo to the dub version. Also the dub version plays the riffs in a different order. To mix the two, I had to change the key and tempo of Delia's version by trial and error, then chop it up to match sections with the dub version. I also added a sample from Mutagene's excellent "Planet of the Evil Dub", which I had to chop up to match the shuffle tempo of the other versions and again match the key. I also used the "Scream" and "Spacenoise" from previous TV versions to highlight the beginning and end of the track. After spending about three weeks on the project, I am pleased with the result. I hope Smerins Anti-Social Club approve. Maybe it would work as the theme for a Christmas special? Or if the Doctor regenerates into a Rasta?
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