Back To Basics

Remixed by Rat Souffle
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This is my latest remix, which is quite similar to the Delaware version, but it changes some parts a lot. It has some (I think) nice moogish sounds in there, plus some 'intresting' improvisational passages (I'm using all the technical language now, see). It was all recorded live (not on a real minimoog sadly) and multitracked on audio equiptment and Steinberg Wavelab (with not a piano roll in sight).

I started with some notes about how I wanted the remix to sound; which mainly contained "Notes:- Delaware! Swoosh! Solid Bassline, Whizz! Echo; 1960s-1970s" and the words "Back To Basics". I hope that sums up the mix nicely, and I also hope that you enjoy it.

Rat out.
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