Gold vs. Howell

Remixed by DarthJedi2005
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Here is my re-mix, for possible submission to your site.

This is the music that I used for my video on YouTube (, which is what I think the titles for the recently announced Doctor Who Children In Need special "Time Crash" could look like. If you haven't seen the news about it, head over to any Who-related news site and read the exciting news for yourself!

Anyway, back to the theme. If anyone likes it, please post, and I will produce a full length version, not just an opening titles edit. Enjoy!

-mutagene: two versions were submitted; this is the full-length version, with the updated text below:

It's called "Gold vs Howell" and is basically a full version of my previously submitted theme "Time Crash (Children In Need 2007)". An accompanying video can be found at:
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