Howell and Gold Mix

Remixed by Rat Souffle
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As many of you know, I have been working on a Howell mix for quite a while now. I was never really pleased with my earlier "DigiHowell" mix, because, although I liked it, I thought it lacked a lot of the things that make the Howell theme stand out. I started work on a new Howell recreation, starting with the bass. Marinedalek's video helped a lot with this, as did some helpful tips from Danny Stewart. Once I had the bassline down (which I'm still not 100% happy with, but I think it's at least a recognizable imitation) I started work on the melody. Melody I was quite easy to do; just a portamento triangle wave with some echo and a tad of reverb, but Melody II was a lot harder, and, like parts of the bassline, I'm still not happy with that. I did run it through a vocoder but it only really just made it sound like some weird buzzy Cyberman choir. I filtered it and made it sound a bit more acceptable and then knocked up a quick Middle 8 with some ascending bell arpeggios. Then, I was basically done. I left the project to mould for a few days and came back to it. By the time I had got back to it, I had since downloaded tons of soundfonts (some rubbish, most ok, some brilliant). Quite a few of these were orchestral soundfonts, so I started adding these to the tune, adding a more racy and Gold-ish feel to the track. I won't really describe much more of the track than that because I think it works better if you listen to it for yourself. All I can add is that I am very proud of this mix and I hope you all will like it too. I may even make opening + closing cuts of it if demand is high enough. I have included both versions (with and without Gold elements). Excluding the opening scream, no samples of any Doctor Who theme were used in the making of this track. Excluding Gold
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