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Hello, fellow Whomixers! How goes it?

Alright, so here I am again. Believe me, I'm as surprised as anyone else. I never thought I'd get around to working on lengthening the 'Simple Piano Mix' version of the theme that I submitted last year, but a lot of people who posted comments asked for something longer. I haven't owned a synthesizer in a long time, so I didn't think I'd be able to do anything else.

However, I recently re-discovered a MIDI-writing program called Noteworthy Composer. I used to toy around with it back in the late 1990s, but since I can't read sheet music I could only ever sort of tinker rather than actually compose.

In the same archive where I found my NWC install file, I also found an NWC-formatted version of the 'Simple Piano Mix'. I'd forgotten I'd even worked with it in NWC. When stripped down, the Doctor Who theme is a pretty easy tune to work with.

So this morning I got into NWC and I started tinkering. After six hours, this is the end result. It's not just an extended version of the 'Simple Piano Mix', but more of a remix. There are still piano elements, but the bass line is now played by MIDI guitars, there is a drum kit, a secondary snyth drum (that only appears briefly before the first middle 8), and a sample called a 'caliope lead', which is used for some vaguely Murray Gold-style elements in the second half of the track. This version is definitely a lot busier than the 'Simple Piano Mix'.

This is only a MIDI file recorded as an MP3, but it still sounds pretty good. It'd be nice to hear it with some proper samples some day, but in the meantime I hope you guys like this one.

-J. Thomas Jeans

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