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Hi all! First of all, thanks for the nice comments on my 2008 Theme Reconstruction
mix and I’m glad you liked it. :)I intended on making a much longer version as well,
and I’ve done all I can with it so here it is! I used the actual new theme (from
Voyage of the Damned) as the foundation of this mix and reconstructed other elements
such as the bassline and the melody (which I think/hope is much improved since my
last mix, where it was quite thin and hard to hear), plus some of the brass and
strings. I also included a nice version of the middle 8 which was heard at the end
of one of the Series 2 episodes (where the strings were notched up a little). There
are many samples taken from various clips of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales put
in all over the place. I also included bits of the Derbyshire and Howell basslines
into the intro and later on as well, since Murray Gold was influenced by both
versions to conjure up this new theme. So to put it simply, there isn’t much
original material in this mix – the only prime examples being the Bassline, the
chasing strings, some brass bits, the Piano and some of the Elec.Guitar. The
weaknesses in this that I’ve acknowledged (so far!) is that it seems quite cluttered
in some places (and too ‘blank’ in others), the bassline is a bit too quiet and
those nice string versions of the Middle 8 I mentioned are also too quiet to be
fully appreciated. But oh well. I used Sony ACID Music Studio, Nero Wave Editor and
a Yamaha PSR-1500 to help me with this. Oh, and I hope you enjoy the little intro I
put at the beginning – it gives a clue as to why I named the mix ‘Crowded’ :) Enjoy!
Looking forward to the comments! Eaglestriker

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