Middle 8 Meddley

Remixed by Andy T
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This is my medley of all the different Middle-8s presented on Doctor Who over the years. I'm not a musician so these are all sampled - and processed! - from various sources of the original broadcast music. The origins of this came after I first heard the new Middle-8 when watching the Second New Series on DVD. I was so elated that I quickly recorded the soundtrack to my computer, then going through my Doctor Who library patched my own medley together. It was rough but good enough for me. That is, until I found this site the other day. After listening to many very good covers, medleys and remixes, probably all of them by people with far more talent and skill in this sort of thing than I have, I decided my little lame remix effort could stand some improvement. I even mentioned my own previous attempt in my review of Nick's excellent Regenerations 2006 remix.
So today I went and gathered all my best sources of the Dr Who Theme and made another go at it. Since this was to focus on Middle-8s, I didn't really want to include a whole lot of other parts of the Dr Who Theme. However just fading it in partway into the Derbyshire theme was only partially satisfying to me. So I also tried another approach where I took the "stutter start" from the early 70s as rough inspiration and then things got weirder and out of hand by the time I got finished. This is the mix with the more tame/lame intro.
Two other comments... First of all, if someone else has done a Middle 8 medley here before, and I've not heard it yet, apologlies. Nick's Regenerations 2006 is the closest I've seen yet, but mine is focused on Middle 8's and not the more general approach he took. Second, I've not had time yet to download and listen to all the covers and remixes here, but of the 40 or so I've listened to so far, I've not heard a single reference to the infamous "Delaware" mix of the theme. I did use it - I consider it "canon" because it did make it onto some episodes shown overseas - and it was produced under Derbyshire by the Workshop, after all. It's probably the worst broadcast version of the theme out there, but I can't bring myself to completely hate it, so it is included as one of the 7 Middle-8s here. (that was my working title of this, 7x8, but I later decided a more descriptive name was more appropriate)
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