Rocked Radiophonic

Remixed by Steve Titford
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3 years after submitting my first version of the Doctor Who theme here is another. It is influenced by several versions of the theme along with a few of my ideas. I produced it in Logic with a few synth plugins (including Korg Legacy) and also recorded some electric guitar.

Hope you like it.

For fellow tech-heads, I have posted a multitrack version of 'Rocked Radiophonic' on my website. This is available for free download as a Garageband '08 file, Ableton Live project and as separate mp3 stems. Feel free to tweak the mix or use my 'Rocked Radiophonic' stems as you wish (though a mention would be appreciated if you post something that includes elements from my version).

I'll be very interested to hear the results if anyone uses the multitrack files.

Thanks for looking.

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