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What if? What if Doctor Who didn't end in 1989 and went into the 90s? Well actually that wasn't my original idea... This actually just came out of boredom when I realized GForce's Minimonsta was so good at doing the melody to the Doctor Who theme tune. :P I just quickly came up with the name in like, 5 seconds, because the name I had picked out had already sort of been stolen (Starfield).
While I was getting together the instruments for each track, I decided I wanted to use elements from all the different themes... However, only 3 really made it in. And as you can see, they were from the Delaware, Howell's, and McCullogh's versions of the theme tune. The zap in the beginning came directly from Howell DXi but with new effects added. The bass line (made up of 2 parts) also came directly fromHowell DXi, but arranged like McCullogh's bassline. The first and third parts of the melody were made in GForce's Minimonsta. The second part of the melody also came from Howell DXi, but a different version which I submitted twice, but never got in. The same goes for the end explosion. So... uhh... I guess that's it. I had alot of fun making it, and I hope you all enjoy listening to it!
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