Blitzkrieg Bop (Tom Baker mix)

Remixed by Electramones
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I seem to send you one of these every year, here's the lunatic backstory for this year's entry:
Imagine an alternative history if you will. A world where the Ramones were not formed on the mean streets of New York in 1974, but on the rather duller, greyer streets of Sheffield in 1978. Their earliest memories are of hiding behind the sofa, terrified of the Daleks and Cybermen, and traumatized by the electronic wail of the Doctor Who theme. School days were filled with the sounds of the Glitter Band, Sweet and Slade, and after finally deciding to form a band they choose to draw musical inspiration not from the Beach Boys, Beatles, Bay City Rollers and 1910 Fruitgum Company but instead from the hot new electronic sounds of The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League. Thus they find themselves signed not to Sire records, but to Fast, and as stablemates of the Human League, they need to make a big impact with their debut single. And in just 45 seconds of pure inspiration, 'drummer' Tommy Electramone writes the anthemic 'Blitzkrieg Bop'.
Well, a lunatic backstory justifies a mashup of the greatest punk rock song of all time with the two greatest electronic tracks of all time (Warm Leatherette and Delia's masterpiece). Enjoy!
p.s. truncated to 90 seconds so I can post a 'performance' video to Flickr.
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