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Here is another theme submission for your superb site. (I’ve a couple of
themes up there already from way back). I made this one back in 1999. Almost
all the sounds come from a Yamaha DX7, hence it sounds very 80s – somewhere
between Howell and Glynn. The bass and trumpet, I believe, were done on a
casio home keyboard – one of the first ones to have PCM samples from the mid

The DX7 wasn’t the fattest synth, so the lead sounds are a bit weak and thin,
but still I’m quite pleased with the result, considering the old technology
used. Some sounds were put through a Zoom effects pedal too to produce the
phasing and flanging effects.

The track was recorded on Cool Edit 96 on a Soundblaster 16.
All “multitracking” was simply cutting and paste-mixing piece after piece,
which is why the sounds aren’t always as perfectly balanced as I would have

This theme was used on our fan audio “Jubilee” back in 99, hence
the title.

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