Missing Beta Link 2.0

Remixed by Beta Link
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I didn’t think I’d have it submitted in time, but apparently I was wrong.
Anyway, This is basically a fixed version of “The Missing (Beta) Link”. I’ve
fixed the tempo, so it’s a little shorter than the last one, but it doesn’t
make your ears bleed. I’ve also added some chorus, reverb and delay effects and
fixed whatever chorus, reverb and delay effects were already there. There’s a
whole list of improvements, but I’m sure nobody really would want to read it. But anyway, I’ve decided that I’m next going to work on a huge remix
(emphasis on ‘huge’), and then I’ll take a sort of extended break from doing
this. ‘Cuz there are really more important things in life than remixing the
Doctor Who theme tune, you know? Besides, I’ll have some more fresh ideas for
when I return. Well, enjoy! :)

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