Doctor Who 1990

Remixed by Beta Link
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Seems you guys can't get rid of me. Here's my third re release in a row. I've always felt that "The 90s" was my worst remix of the Doctor Who theme ever, so I fixed and tidied it up a bit, and am now re releasing it. After comparing the two, I think I'm safe to say that this one is much, much easier on the ears. No super distortion, improved bleeping, no bleeding ears, etc. The only real problem is that I've lost a couple sound effects used in the original. One is completely gone, but the other has been replaced with Peter Howell's famous explosion... For obvious reasons.
So yeah, this is my farewell, seeing as how I don't have any other mixes to redo, except... err... "Ode to the Odd", which I'm, uhh... Completely embarrassed about. >_> But whatever. The past can't be changed, and so forth. This is Brennan, aka Beta Link, signing out. Again. Maybe for the last time. Except if I get some brilliant new idea and loads of motivation.
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