The Visidation

Remixed by mutagene
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Since my Cubase dongle died on me last fall, I've noodled around with some alternatives, including the quirky GoatTracker. I don't see GoatTracker fulfilling my audio needs over the long term, but it was a good bit of retro fun to work in a tightly constrained tracker environment. Made me appreciate what, though lacking synthesis, OctaMED had to offer in terms of editing and UI. More frustrating when it came time to record a wav, and I had to write the audio export routines myself -- but at least I could, given that GoatTracker's source was free for the modification.

Wasn't sure if I'd every upload this, but it being the (slightly) late 28th anniversary of the introduction of the Commodore 64 in January 1982. Ehh, why not.

Addendum (2010.3.13) - Here's the .sid file if anyone's interested Doctor_Who_-_The_Visidation.sid.

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