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Remixed by Calvin Steward
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Here's a little attempt at a Doctor Who theme remix, Oldskool style. I was messing around with a Music creation program called Reason 4 and found a few Synth combination's that i thought had that classic Doctor Who main riff sound when layered together, tweaked them a bit and then built this song around it. My original intention was to not include a drum beat, but after finding a really punchy TB-303 Emulator called E-Note Silverbox it kind of evolved into something that felt a bit more "Ravey". So i decided to add in a Trance arpeggio to accompany the main Bass riff and bumped up the tempo a bit, added plenty of modulation to the synths and picked out some Oldskool beat loops that i then cut together to keep it moving along nicely and ended up with this as a result.

My main inspiration for this in retrospect was probably being a Teenager during the Rave scene in the 1990's, i find it hard to open up Reason and not use some of those classic rave sounds which would make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up back in the day. And being a long time Sci-Fi fan, an attempt to interpret the Doctor Who Theme somehow was irresistible.

This is my second attempt at making songs in Reason, it’s a great program and i have loads to learn but this was a great laugh to make even if it is not as faithful to the original song arrangement as i would like it to be (There are plenty of notes that need shifting etc, but I'm not up to the same standard as of some of you lot yet!).

Anyway, I hope you like it- I can take criticism (constructive or not) so please leave a comment.

If it goes down well, i will probably try few different versions and techniques as i figure out a bit more about the program. Thanks for listening!

On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuZHdjJtE4E

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