Dark Fairytale (Full Version)

Remixed by Eaglestriker
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Sorry this mix took longer than thought, had to eventually wait for Easter hols to arrive in order to get going on it!

This is the complete version of the my 'Dark Fairytale' mix, complete with variations, Middle Eights and Matt Smith quotes. As with said previous mix, this heavily features orchestral samples and includes Delia Derbyshire's sounds (as provided by Danny Stewart!) and some homegrown effects from my PSR-1500. This was compiled using Sony ACID Music Studio, Nero Wave Editor and few Oreos (twisted first, dunked in tea, then munched. On with the mix).

I can't say I'd actually like this or something similar to be used as the Series 5 theme...I specify the weakest point of this mix to be its lack of an electronic, punk or rock-y edge which Murray Gold and many other mixers here do so well. That and an overdose of epic. The latter half especially sounds exhausting to listen to for me.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S - Same as with my other mixes, feel absolutely free to use in any projects as long as you either credit me or no one at all!



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