Rory Hoy's Big Beat ReRub

Remixed by Rory Hoy
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My name is Rory Hoy, and I am a 22-year old autistic music Big Beat/Nu-Funk/Downtempo producer, Film Producer, DJ and Doctor Who Fan. I have had two albums released on Freddy Fresh's Howlin' Records (with a third one coming out this year) a single on Skint Records' recently revived Under 5's sub-label (that got to #2 in the Juno Broken Beat/Nu-Jazz Chart), and have had a vinyl E.P. on the German BigM label. I've also had a number of remixes released on various labels, and have been asked to remix another Skint Artist. I have also made a few films including an award-winning DVD/Booklet called "Autism & Me" which is on worldwide release. I have featured a few times on British and American TV and radio...

I have really enjoyed the remixes on Whomix and, I wanted to share my own take of the iconic theme song. My remix is done in a late-1990's Big Beat/Breaks style (i.e. Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim etc), and uses elements of the 1963 theme and the 2005 theme and some samples of William Hartnell dialogue. I hope you like it, and that it is suitable for inclusion on the site..

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