Mindwarp Mix

Remixed by Danny Stewart
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This is a new mix of Dominic Glynn’s theme, based on his 2008 remix for the Trial of a Time Lord DVDs, using elements from his original and 2008 multitracks, plus several new elements of my own. It’s a pretty good indication of my conception of a “perfect” mix of Dominic Glynn’s theme.

I started with the full 2008 multitrack, replacing certain elements with their predecessors from the 1986 version to give me finer control over the sounds. Once I had the sounds how I wanted them, I started playing with the layout. I came up with a new arrangement that borrowed elements from the Derbyshire theme, as well as a reprise of the titles section at the end. For the very end of the theme, I combined a Derbyshire-style titles section with Dom’s original titles melody. I also added several additional elements to the theme, including an entirely new bassline (although the original is still present), two new melody lines, a rich backing pad, and some orchestral string samples (mirroring those that Dom subtly included in his 2008 remix).

Overall I’m very pleased with how this theme turned out. I always enjoyed Dom’s original theme from 1986, and I think his remix in 2008 really rounded it out with numerous changes and additions that vastly improved the final sound. I feel immensely privileged that I got the chance to pick up where he left off on his 2008 theme and hopefully bring something new to his version while staying true to its original conception.

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