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This is my second submission to Whomix, and is a mix of the Doomsday theme from the finale of Series 2 and the title theme. I tried to use it less as a sad piece and more of a calm, peaceful segment laced with foreshadowing.

This remix actually started as an attempt to recreate the title theme from Series 4, because I wanted a longer version. However, I soon realized that I didn’t have the right sounds for it, so I decided to play around and see what happened. Fortunately, I had been watching the new series with my brother (This is his first introduction to Doctor Who) and we were watching the finale of Series 2. At the very end, when the Doomsday theme was playing, I realized it would fit with my piece. So I picked out the notes and put them in. After my first draft of the piece, I reworked the drums into a… more managable format (I had been using 5 different bass drums layered over to get the sound I wanted before I found this drum kit that sounded better than I had even hoped for). It was at about this time that I discovered how to use my ring modulator plugin to get the sound of a Dalek’s voice (Killerringer with settings 39, 0.01, and 0.01 if you’re wondering) and threw my voice into the mix, giving it a kind of story.

We start in a peaceful scene, some calm planet, until the Daleks interrupt with their infamous cry of “EXTERMINATE!” The Doctor soon arrives to put a stop to them, but the Daleks take notice. The Doctor devises a plan to stop them and puts it into action, but must escape before the TARDIS is destroyed as well. As he flees, the Daleks cry out that they will have their revenge.

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