The Twelfth Night

Remixed by ATV642
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This is my first submission to Whomix, well, I think it is. I don’t think my other one got accepted because I forgot to put a description. [editor – no, just slow to process. please send a detailed description if you can, though]

Anyways, this was originally going to be a remake of the Series 5 theme, but I can’t find any instruments that sound like the one’s used (P.S. if anyone knows any VST instruments that sound like the show’s instruments, please email me) so instead I decided to use some synth instruments.

This is going to be used in my own Doctor Who Series. And since the first episode is called “The Twelfth Night”, that’s what I decided to name this mix. And since I’ll be playing the Twelfth Doctor, that’s why it’s the TWELFTH night.


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