A Fairytale 11 Times Over

Remixed by Dalekium
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This is my interpretation of the current Series 5 Doctor Who theme with a less action-ey version of the Doctor Who “Action” theme at the beginning. This was originally for my Music BTEC coursework which I then adapted for a performance at my school. I produced a video to go along with that adapted theme which can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phX78EBJ1Lg.

Considering the shortness of the current theme, I decided to extend it and adopt a style similar to that of Murray Golds themes for the first 4 series’. I admit I got some inspiration from Eaglestrikers “Crowded” theme (its easy to guess where in the track they are) so I hope he doesn’t mind too much… :P

Anyway, hope you enjoy. :)

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