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It was re-written not-by-note from scratch, by ear, in MIDI (zero samples taken whatsoever), using the Sonar Pro Audio DAW software with many plugin instances of the Sylenth1 analogue synth emulator, the Z3ta modular synth for the layered FX, plus Stylus RMX for the drums.

The idea was to write a version of the theme that was as electronic as the originals, but with a couple of melodic phrases taken from Gold’s newer version, synthesised rather than orchestrated. Basically my idea of a 2000s version without losing the pure electronica the originals exemplified, finishing with a driving, aggresive and choppy rhythm to root it firmly in latter day electronics and give it a sense of foot-tappy fun as well.

In a way it comes from my mild dissatisfaction with Gold’s overly orchestra-heavy version, and Orbital’s overlong and (to me) slightly bland take on it. Not that it’s anything like as well produced, it’s just me and my computer, but I felt like throwing my idea of it into the communal pot, and after all a childhood spent hearing that unique theme has a hellofalot to do with why I ended up fiddling with electronic music for a living. It only seemed right to tip my hat to it!

I’ll grant you, to some extent it’s a re-creation of Peter Howell’s version, but with my attempt to beef it up and modernise it without losing the classic vibe. I hope it works to some extent!

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