A Fairytale Eleven Times Over

Remixed by Dalekium
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This is my version 2 of “A Fairytale 11 Times Over”, the only titular difference been 11 is now written as a word. :P

In this mix, I’ve reworked the bass to sound more accurate and included some sfx in the mix to give it a slightly more Dr Who/spacey feel. At the beginning, I’ve also included a section of some sort…I’m not sure why I added it, it just seemed a nice thing to add at the time. :P I’ve also changed the drum beat to be more obvious and (hopefully) very much like the one heard in the BBC Proms this year. The rest of the mix should also be like my first rendition, more RTD and “into it” than the current 2010 theme.

Hope you enjoy. :)

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