The Doctor's Nightmare

Remixed by loqjaw
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I intended it to be a more horror take on the theme, with a much creepier vibe. Originally I didn’t keep the middle 8 in, and it was a shorter version of the theme, more akin to what we see on the TV intro. But I thought instead of just submitting a 30 second or so file, I’d finish it up and put the middle 8 back in. I have also now added the opening chords that are new to the 2010 series, and it worked quite surprisingly well (considering I originally made this in 2008, when those notes weren’t part of the theme).

It may sound badly mixed, but that’s because my headphones are rubbish, so what sounds rightly mixed to me may not to others. I apologise for this, and if that is the case please let me know so I can go back and remix it. If it is good for submission though, then that’s a load off my mind!

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