Call Me Through The Silence

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I enjoyed making this remix very much. I finally got the hang of the mixer I have been using and started really making a lot of progress. This remix represents series 5’s theme of “silence will fall” as you can tell in the beginning. It’s another techno/trance theme unfortunately this is all I seem capable of making. (I have tried a lot of other genres but somehow none feel right, but I’m not giving up just yet!) I fixed the choppiness and make the beat a lot more steady, although I feel as though there is something a bit off towards the end around the last 20 seconds or so…And I also fixed the random glitching sort of sounds and made a much better ending instead of my previous sudden stop endings. Hopefully everyone enjoys this remix a lot better than my last two utter fails! ;) Comments and Critiques are much appreciated, Thank You All.

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