Guitar Rock Version

Remixed by Brian Rimmer
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Hi Whomixers! Been a fan of Whomix for years now and finally decided to record my own version of the theme. As you'd expect from the title it's very much a rock'n'roll version. I played all the instruments (drums, bass, several million guitars) live to try and capture the feel of a full rock band playing it. To me it ended up sounding very 70's, almost like some long-lost Deep Purple B-side - not surprising as my favourite music is stuff like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd & ELO. I've attempted to pay tribute to the many wonderful versions of the theme throughout the years with little musical 'nods' to the versions by Delia Derbyshire, Peter Howell, Dominic Glynn, Keff McCulloch, Murray Gold etc. Hope you guys enjoy it. PS. You can watch the video of the theme here: [- apologies to Rimmer for the delay on posting this ace remix]
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