Back to the Shadows

Remixed by Dalekium
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To begin with, I feel I must apologize:

As the 11th Doctor recently announced down the camera, he’s going into hiding since he has become ‘too big’, and I have used this as the title for this remix. However, this piece is anything but a quiet mellow ditty. You could interpret it that this piece and it’s title harkens back to a day when we had the fresh-faced Peter Davison running around, but I simply took the title because I thought it was quite simply, cool. :P

With HardWire’s recent submission of Vortex II, I felt inspired to do my own in the Howell Key (i.e. doesn’t start on an E) in a similar electric but maintaining some orchestral elements style, and with 3 bass lines thrown in, this was the end result (doing Music Tech at A Level has also taught me a thing or two about recording and post-editing). Bat-eared listeners will also notice a specific sound effect used in this piece. Feel free to kill me for lack of originality. :P

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it :)

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