Echoing Through Emptiness

Remixed by Mutagene
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I was going to look for the old Cubase 2.2 midi exports from Adversary Compression Eliminator and do a remix of that, but ultimately ended up starting from scratch in Reaper. A pretty traditional mix, I guess it was a reaction to considerably more ornate versions and, errr, general trends in the series. At the start I was going to keep it really minimal — just Oddity, Synth Squad and Valhalla FX — but ended up using Absynth for the lead as well. In retrospect I think I would have preferred to go with Aalto in the lead role, but I’m too lazy to go back and redo it right now. Not that I dislike Absynth, but I wanted more of a change.

I was also going to call it “grinding into emptiness”, which is probably a better name, but then I realized I was unconsciously ripping that off from Noise Unit’s album of the same name. Which is fine, and googling variations on “into emptiness” or “in the void” it becomes quickly apparent that any such name has already been used in all manner of fanfic. Ugghh.. Fanfic! :p

Anyway, so what’s the point in stressing over a name? The thing is done. For now.

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