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First off, whooooo, first submission to Whomix! *Ahem* ... Now then. I feel there's been too much Gold going around lately. So I'm bringing it back to basics, while celebrating Doctor Who's 50th anniversary (I know it's a year and a half early shut up), with a straight, conservative, Derbyshire theme remake. My goal was to recreate the original theme tune as best I could with nothing but whatever VST synthesizers I happen to have on stand-by (That is, the Superwave P8 and GForce Minimonsta). With that said, please forgive the lack of white noise - Neither of those synths are very good with it, unless I'm doing something totally wrong. So I figured it would be better to just leave it out rather than have it sound terrible.

UPDATE 2013/1/2: Derbysynth v2

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