Mindwarp Mix II

Remixed by Danny Stewart
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This is an update to my original Mindwarp Mix from last year. I tend to live with my remixes for a very long time and go back in to make minor tweaks months or even years later. I liked my original version, but the numerous improvements I've made to it since then make me even happier with it.

For this new version, I've completely replaced the bassline. The original was done on software; this one was programmed and performed on my Microkorg XL. I de-emphasized the growling grace notes in the bassline, going for more of a Derbyshire feel, and I cut the bassline intro in half, as I feel the full-length one is a tad overused these days. I eliminated a lot of the reverb I had on much of the mix, and especially cleaned up the melody so it would punch through more clearly. I played with the panning and pushed certain melodies to either side. I adjusted the structure of the theme to accommodate a second middle eight. I really loved the ending I had come up with for the original, so I've extended it even further in this version.

I've also dropped some of the tracks that were present in the original. The original had my new bassline over top of Dom's original; in the new version, my bassline stands on its own. This approach was extended to other elements of the theme as well, and I've attempted to simplify wherever possible.

As always, my deepest thanks go out to Dominic Glynn for allowing me to share in his vision for the Doctor Who theme.

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