Slipping Into the Abominable Void

Remixed by Mutagene
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After a long sabbatical, the latest mixes by Danny Stewart, HardWire and Dalekium inspired me to take another look at my last dw mix (on soundcloud, published last January) and tweak it by adding a few minor goldisms, even more ridiculous fx sends and yet another layer to the bassline. I’m not sure whether the whole even equals the sum of the parts, but now I want it to be done.

Regarding the philosophy of the mix – the idea originally was that everything should derive from the bassline, even the spanges/wooshes/soundclouds/windbubbles/whathaveyou such that it would be hard to draw a line between the atmosphere and the melody or bassline. This was attempted by sending filtered/whitened versions of the bassline through delays and reverbs which were then modulated in turn. This mix is pretty similar, but has more sends (from the leads also) and also some vocoder support.

I’ve only listened to this on cheapish headphones… so I hope it sounds ok elsewhere. Fingers crossed.

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