Anniversary Themes are Cool (V2)

Remixed by Eaglestriker
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Post-Whomix-Retirement One-Off Mix No. 2

Here is an updated version of my previous mix ‘Anniversary Themes are Cool’, based on the updated revamped update of Murray Gold’s theme used in ‘The B*lls of St John’ onwards. It is in the same form of an opening theme followed by a closing theme including the Middle 8.

This time around I tried to achieve a busier, fuller sound, and while Gold is obviously the point of focus here, I consciously tried to include homages – some obvious, some subtle, some pretty much invisible (even I question their existence) – to previous Who themes all the way back to 1963.

Also included is an imitation of the (as-of-yet-unused) new sting for the theme.

Big thanks goes to Danny Stewart for the original sting sample!

I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to use for any projects so long as you credit me or no-one!

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