Varosian Vocal

Remixed by Michael D
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This is my rendition of the Doctor Who theme song using my voice. I created this on Garage Band and had a total of 15 layers when all was said and done. My voice is the only instrument used, however my dog Risky’s collar dangled in the background and seemed to fit in rather well. I based this on Matt Smith’s first theme song due to the more complex use of vocals in his Murray Gold’s arrangement. I added my own harmony to the middle 8, and included special sound effects that were based on both Murray Gold’s theme and Peter Howell’s theme (most notably the beginning sting, and the logo explosion). This is all my original work, and am now using this theme for my Podcast titled The Whovian Review. This is the final version of this theme, and I may go back to try another version based more on the original theme tune. Hope you like it.

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